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August 12th 2013


Working as a partner company with BioCote® the company is about to launch the UK’s first range of commercially available sheet materials that offer exceptional abrasion and antibacterial properties.


Renowned for many years as innovators The Decorative Panels Group is yet again about to launch a brand new group of products that will further broaden the appeal of the Group companies to both its existing and new market areas.

Working as a partner company with BioCote® the company is about to launch the UK’s first range of commercially available sheet materials that offer exceptional abrasion and antibacterial properties. In choosing to work alongside BioCote®, Decorative Panels will be able to draw on the knowledge and support of a company that are recognised as being pioneers in the global provision of antimicrobial solutions.

Under the banner of dp-BioCote the first product to be launched will be six decors, three woodgrain and three unicolours, available across the company’s extensive range of substrate materials including Chipboard, MDF, dp-lite hollowcore board and Plywood. Further launches will follow and in the fullness of time will see Decorative Panels extend the range of products available in the dp-BioCote area.

The surface itself offers a combination of distinctive properties. Due to the nature of the décor manufacture, alongside the addition of the BioCote® additive, the surface is highly resistant to abrasion, in fact it far exceeds the abrasion resistance of a standard high pressure worktop. In addition the surface has a high resistance to common liquids that are known to leave distinctive marks, as well as meeting all the testing parameters appropriate to dry heat and wet heat. Tests against resistance to clinical cleaning products see excellent results in all areas.

From the above it can be seen that the product is extremely hard wearing and very resistant to damage from other materials. Of course one of the most significant properties of this innovative sheet material is the inclusion of the antibacterial additive from BioCote® that gives up to a 99.9% germ free surface*. BioCote technology protects the surface of the product from microbes including mould, fungi and of course bacteria - meaning the product surface is more hygienic and resistant to the growth of staining and odour causing microbes which may prematurely degrade the material. Both in laboratory and real life conditions BioCote® has been proven  effective against a wide range of clinically significant bacteria including MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphlococcus aureus), MSSA (Methicillin sensitive Staphlococcus aureus), E. coli, Legionella pneumophila , Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium and enteritidis,  Listeria monocytogenes,  VRE (Vancomycin – resistant Enterococcus), and Campylobacter as well as the H1N1 virus. Once added to a product BioCote technology starts to work immediately, tests have shown significant decreases in microbial contamination within just 15 minutes and reductions of up to 99.5% in 2 hours.  Very significantly BioCote works for the expected lifetime of the product.

With so much to offer in one sheet material it is not surprising that Decorative Panels see a great potential for this product across a wide range of product areas.

Recognised as the market leader for high volume manufacture of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, shelving and storage panels, Decorative Panels Components believe that product manufactured using dp-BioCote sheet material has a real place in these markets and can offer a USP that to date has not been available.

 Market areas such as hospitals, health centres, schools, care homes, student accommodation, and of course office and contract furniture would, according to Decorative Panels Lamination, all benefit from product manufactured from a sheet material with high abrasion and antibacterial resistant properties.

 For more information, and access to full technical reports and performance criteria please contact us on 01484 658341, or email us at

*Tested in accordance with ISO22196:2001

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