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News / The Decorative Panels Group Marketing Suite

The Decorative Panels Group Marketing Suite

April 15th 2014


A truly impressive facility that inspires creativity and innovation immersing the visitor in dp-group products throughout the entire experience

The Decorative Panels Group Marketing Suite, extending to some 8,500ft2, is designed to not only showcase products from all the group companies but also to inspire creativity by inviting the audience to interact with innovative use of technology and materials. 

Upon arrival the guest is met in the aptly named "chill zone". Surrounded by original design classics such as Floss Lamps and Le Corbusier armchairs, this is an area to relax and gain inspiration from wider design influences that have proved to be lasting icons.

Moving away from the "chill zone" the first striking feature of the marketing Suite isi that all of the built environment is constructed from the comapnies own products. Whether it is high gloss unicolours and woodgrains or matt foils and stipple PVC's, everything you see reflects the abilities of the group companies. 

Having taken an iPad so you can participate in the innovative product information gathering system, scan the QR codes during your tour, all the information is gathered and emailed to your desktop. The guest then moves into the "heritage zone" which features a timeline recording the history of the business right back to 1879. Displays of memorabilie really start to put the hertage and longevity of business right back to 1879. Displays of memorabilia really start to put the heritage and longevity of Decorative Panels into context- a business that is more than a century old. 

Leaving the heritage zone the visitor arrives in a zone simply titled “about us”. Surrounded by trees manufactured from a selection of substrates used throughout the business, the glass walls are emblazoned with facts and figures on production capabilities and environmental initiatives. Cleverly placed above the production information is a modern day equivalent to a tickertape machine constantly recording the production KPI’s from all three companies.

Moving forward into the “dp-library” zone, where hard samples of all the dp-décor and dp-specialist range are ready to select and take away the visitor enters the “dp-virtual” zone. Displayed on the wall are the latest dp-development foils. Constant design and development undertaken with the world’s largest printers ensure that the very latest in surface texture and décor reproduction are displayed to encourage customer feedback and discussion. You are now in the heart of the

 “dp-virtual” zone. Faced with an enormous glass screen the visitor is able to interactively design and configure bedroom, kitchen, and living room furniture drawing from all the designs available in the dp-décor and dp-specialist portfolios as well as selected dp-development finishes. A highlight of the system is that the interactive configurator will display the chosen furniture design full size in a fully dressed room set environment. By using the touch screen technology the visitor is able to select any design from the pallet displayed on the screen and click and drop this onto any panel on the chosen furniture set – whether it be high gloss fascia’s with a woodgrain carcase or a multi coloured sliding wardrobe, the possibilities to design and re design are endless. This can then be viewed from four separate camera angles to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your work. When you are happy with your creation you simply click on save and your chosen furniture design is printed out for you along with the pallet of decors you have used - innovation and creativity at its best. To ensure confidentiality in design as soon as you log out the system reverts back to the home screen and is ready with a clean pallet for the next user.

Moving forward the visitor enters the “mix & match” zone. Every design available in the dp-décor and dp-specialist ranges are now available laminated as A1 and A3 panels for the visitor to use on a wall mounted track system allowing viewing of complimentary panels overlaid together to gain the final confirmation of suitability necessary in any design and development process.

The ground floor is now complete and the visitor moves upstairs passing a large screen that is showing live feeds from all three companies’ factories.

The first floor of the Marketing Suite is dedicated to displays of product from all three companies. The first of these is dp-furniture who are showcasing bedroom and living room displays manufactured from a wide range of finishes and substrates available from sister company

 dp-lamination. Information on the abilities of the company is shown throughout the displays but of course much more information is readily available by using the iPad to scan the prominently displayed QR codes. Moving forwards the company on display is now dp-components. Exploded displays of kitchen carcase units show the methods of construction as well as the interesting finishes that are available including the use of dp-Biocote Quartz. A cascading display of panel components highlights the vast array of production techniques available in dp-components along with technical detail on aspects such as PUR edgbanding and the onward processing of dp-lite hollowcore board. A full kitchen display, again manufactured entirely from board manufactured by dp-lamination, showcases the latest in minimalistic design.

Leaving the dp-components area the visitor is greeted by a tunnel manufactured entirely from High Gloss Senoplast TopX material laminated by dp-lamination. There is so much confidence in the durability of the product that you are invited to walk through the tunnel across the TopX floor. There could not be a better way of demonstrating this incredible product.

As you exit the TopX tunnel you arrive at the “be creative” zone. Again all the products in the dp-décor and dp-specialist ranges are available to use on a turntable system to compare and contrast suitable finishes. Edgebanding and handle selections are provided so the visitor can refine the product selection and progress through the design process.

A separate meeting area is provided on the first floor, again manufactured entirely from the companies own products, so visitors can use each floor independently.

Finally the visitor arrives in the “innovation” zone. Raised plinths display the latest developments from all group companies, some that will become available to the market soon and others that are in the earlier stages of development. A totally flexible area that can be prepared to be visitor specific or generic for all businesses.

Descending back to the ground floor the visitor walks through a green forest display emblazoned down the stairwell and arrives back in the “chill” zone and the iPad tower to make a final check that they have scanned all information they require.

A truly impressive facility that inspires creativity and innovation immersing the visitor in dp-group products throughout the entire experience.

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