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Spotlight / Shining the spotlight on Heidi Smith!

Heidi Smith Heidi Smith

Shining the spotlight
on Heidi Smith!

Group Marketing Manager

Heidi began her career at Decorative Panels 11 years ago in 2011 when she was just 19 years old. Before joining, she enjoyed having a weekend job in a café in the little village of Marsden whilst still studying at college. Since starting at dp a lot has changed for Heidi, both in her job role and personal life.


Working in marketing means no day looks the same and that variation is motivating.


Heidi was first appointed as Office Junior in our Head Office where she worked within all departments and gained insight into how they all worked and operated differently. It also helped her to decide that her heart really laid with the Marketing department and soon moved from her original role to become a Marketing Coordinator. It has now been 10 years since the move to Marketing and after gaining her Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications she is now our Group Marketing Manager – and a great one at that.

As mentioned above, Heidi’s personal life has changed recently too – she became a Mum to Hugo (who is already two years old – where has the time gone!?) so when she is not at work her time is kept busy looking after and playing with him! She is also a very keen chef and loves to cook for her family and friends, the smells that come from our office kitchen just prove how good she is at cooking even though she never brags about it! Holidays are a vital part of Heidi’s life, whether it be time relaxing on an exotic beach or whizzing down a ski slope in France, the next holiday is always being planned.

When we asked her to complete the sentence “I love…” she replied with, “I love Cornwall.” Apart from the ‘lockdown year’ Heidi has visited her beloved Cornwall every year without fail. Who can blame her, it has beautiful beaches, moors, and paths to walk the dogs on and who can forget the delicious pasties! What is not to love!?

Working in the Marketing team means no day ever looks the same and that variation is motivating. There is always a new task to complete or to think about in a different way to yesterday. Whether it be from organising events for our customers or staff to producing great promotional campaigns with our creative agency, no day is ordinary.

Funnily, when we asked Heidi what job she thought she was going to have when she was younger, her answer was a teacher. “I was very bossy as a little girl and took any opportunity to give my siblings tasks to do.” In a way, we suppose that Heidi does get to perform some elements of being a teacher in her job today when she writes up product descriptions or designs adverts aimed to educate and inform customers and the public about our products and services. As for being bossy…. we will just leave that one there!

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