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Spotlight / Shining the spotlight on Ian Roberts!

Ian Roberts Ian Roberts

Shining the spotlight
on Ian Roberts!

DPF Optimiser

Ian has been a part of the Decorative Panels Team since 2009 when the company bought RTA Furniture and created Decorative Panels Furniture. Ian had worked for RTA since 1988 when he was just 23 years old, at this time he worked on the packing line. A combined service of 34 years, now that is commitment!


I have been a Middlesbrough FC season ticket holder even longer than I have worked here!


Ian quickly moved on into the mill where he became a saw operator and gained his fork truck driving license. Ian is now an Optimiser for Decorative Panels Furniture, and his day-to-day roll involves making patterns of panels in sheets of board to produce units of furniture. The panels need to fit the board sizes well to reduce waste and run through the saw smoothly so as not to slow down production, whilst still producing enough of each panel in a unit of furniture, to make a full production run. Ian also orders the board from various suppliers, to ensure enough of a supply to complete the runs on time.

As a huge fan of Middlesbrough FC Ian has been a season ticket holder for as long as he can remember. As a lover of sport, he also enjoys cycling and going to the gym. When he is not doing one of his hobbies, he spends time relaxing and socialising with family and friends. Ian also loves getting away on holiday and some of his favourite destinations are Mexico and Cape Verde. He cannot wait for his next holiday which is a trip back to Mexico later this year and then Benidorm soon after that. We are very jealous!

When we asked Ian to tell us what he loves his response was Thornaby. His beloved hometown in the Northeast and where Decorative Panels Furniture is based. With his home, work, family, and friends it has everything he needs.

Ian’s motivation in the workplace comes from knowing at the end of the shift he can leave knowing he has put a good day’s work in.

When Ian was at school, he thought he would join the army, but because family and friends are such an important part of his life and not to mention his season ticket for Middlesborough FC he looked for a job closer to home and the rest is history.

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