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Spotlight / Shining the spotlight on Kevin Coils!

Kevin Coils Kevin Coils

Shining the spotlight
on Kevin Coils!

DPC Quality Control

Kevin has been with the dp-group for around 8 years now, originally working for our dp-furniture factory in Teesside. He now works at dp-components in Elland after marrying his wife who is from the local area.


I still love elephants, those guys are huge!


Kevins role within the business has continued to change from his first year at dp-furniture in the drilling section then swiftly moving into the quality department as a gate checker. After this he worked closely with the Quality Supervisor before taking on this job himself when his supervisor parted ways with the business. The day-to-day role of a quality supervisor involves tackling any issues that arise either with raw materials, machine issues or finished products.

Life outside of work is pretty busy for Kevin with a 5-year-old son called Caius who loves to keep him on his toes. He also trains and competes as a strongman. The last major competition Kevin entered was the qualifier for the world championships at which he secured his inviation to compete at the amateur Worlds Strongest Competiton at Daytona Beach in 2023. As well as getting ready for Daytona he will also be making another run at UKs strongest man, watch out for him on the TV!

Aswell as family and strength training Kevins other love is for dogs and in his words “Big dogs, they tend to be far more relaxed and less work than little dogs” He owns two Rottweilers, Paisley, 10 and Frankie, 2.

We asked Kevin what motivated him in the workplace, his answer says it all... “The same thing that motivates me in the gym or anywhere else, I’m stubborn and hate to fail”.

It is clear Kevin is a huge animal lover and his mum assures him that when he was little he always intended to go to Africa and stop people hunting elephants. “I still love elephants; those guys are huge!”


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