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Spotlight / Shining the spotlight on Sarah Carter!

Sarah Carter Sarah Carter

Shining the spotlight
on Sarah Carter!

Group Finance Manager

Sarah began her career with Decorative Panels back in
September 2003. Originally joining as a Receptionist, Sarah has engaged herself in various roles across Accounts, Sales and Finance. Now with over 13 years’ experience working as our Group Finance Manager, Sarah has attained various achievements to further enhance her academia to become a “proud fellow member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.”


When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to either be a Nurse or a Paramedic – quite different to what I ended up doing!


Sarah first joined as our receptionist over 20 years ago before progressing into more of a Sales Administrator role within the main office and then integrated into the Accounts Department where she took on the role of Sales Ledger Administrator. Despite a brief spell in Sales, Sarah’s “interest always remained in Accountancy”. So, when the opportunity arose, Sarah moved back into her previous role as a Sales Ledger Administrator. After gaining more crucial experience, Sarah was offered the opportunity to become Group Finance Manager in 2010. From there she has achieved her AAT Accounting qualification to coincide with her years of financial experience. 

Sarah’s two 6-year-old daughters fill-up
the majority of her spare time. Whether that be the frequent day-out visits to the beach to watch her girls having fun or local leisurely strolls, Sarah enjoys being outdoors with her loved ones. When we asked Sarah what she loves most, her reply was quite fittingly, family. We are sure “catching-up with friends over a glass (or two) of wine” helps!

Sarah’s motivation stems from her very close-knit Finance Team. Despite the numerous deadlines to hit each month, her team ensure the work is done and completed to a high standard whilst having a giggle along the way. 

A career in finance was not always on the agenda for Sarah growing up. With a previous ambition to be a Nurse or a Paramedic, we feel lucky to have her on board! 

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