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News / Decorative Panels Represents A New Aesthetic: Kronospan Metallic HPL

Decorative Panels Represents A New Aesthetic: Kronospan Metallic HPL

January 11th 2024


To mirror the emergence of the growing trend for metallic sheets used in bathrooms, kitchens and interiors, Decorative Panels are delighted to promote Kronospan Metallic High Pressure Laminates (HPLs) as part of of its dp-limitless range.

The Kronospan collection, as part of our dp-limitless range, offers a unique metallic finish. The application of metallic accents in various residential, business or commercial areas can enhance an element of eye-catching aesthetic. Kronospan Metallic HPL are designed to amplify ambiance by balancing colours and textures to give your space a stylish and tactile experience; enhancing its visual appeal.

This exclusive collection by Kronospan consists of limited, yet striking colours. Choose between the warm glow of our Brushed Gold, Copper and Bronze or the more gentle, urban look of Brushed Aluminium, Inox and Platinum. 

Kronospan Metallics use metal boards that are produced from the synergisation of high quality MDF substrate coated with real aluminium sheets. This process gives these metallic boards a strong, durable and unique surface, perfect for versatile interior design projects. 

HPL is the perfect material for surfaces that require enhanced durability and resistance. Produced by pressing multiple core layers and a decorative resin-induced paper, it is hardwearing, durable and hygienic. HPL Standard is suitable for covering vertical surfaces such as doors and wall panels, as well as horizontal surfaces like home and retail countertops. The HPL range is harmonised with our melamine-faced boards and gloss products and can be bonded to different wood-based substrates, offering countless design and application options for a wide variety of interiors.

As shown above, Brushed Gold by Kronospan Metallic HPL (product code: AL04) is the perfect harmony of elegance and practicality when embraced within a modern, on-trend bathroom.

Be bold in 2024 and switch up your interior game.

Kronospan Metallic HPL is available to order from just a singular board.

Order your sample by searching the Kronospan Collection in our dp-limitless range today!

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