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Decorative Panels


we are passionate about reducing
our carbon footprint.

We are doing
our part

We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

Here at Decorative Panels, we strive to ensure that the products and services supplied through our manufacturing outlets have a minimal detrimental impact on the environment.

What are we doing to
reduce our impact?


  • As a fully certified FSC and PEFC business, raw materials such as board substrates and foil laminates are only sourced from responsible suppliers ensuring they are environmentally conscious as possible. 


  • Energy is conserved through lux and movement-controlled LED lighting.
  • Extraction systems have intelligent dampers and invertor controls.


  • Packaging materials on finished goods are kept to a minimum which maximises the amount of goods transported and reduces the burden of waste packaging for the end user.
  • To ensure that all packaging on goods delivered into the business is kept to a minimum, but where packaging is needed, we work with suppliers to try to reduce this. Wherever possible we encourage packaging suppliers to provide FSC or PEFC certified packaging.

Waste product

  • Any additional wood waste from our factories is recycled back into particleboard products or burnt as biomass to heat factories.
  • Sawdust is reused as a filtering medium and biomass fuel.
  • Waste foil materials are baled and reused back into the supply chain.


  • We promote the efficient use of materials and resources throughout the company facilities including utilities such as electricity, gas, and water.
  • We set environmental targets and aims and work with employees, suppliers, and customers to reach and verify those targets. We are constantly reviewing our activities and are making positive changes where possible.


Our commitment to quality and the environment is of paramount importance.

We have production systems for lamination processes, furniture components and flat pack furniture panels that from the outset incorporate environmental benefits such as recycling wood waste into particleboard or generating heat from biomass systems in our own factories. Metal and plastic banding is cut and recycled and even sawdust is used as a filtering medium or as biomass fuel.

We are proud to be both FSC® (TT-COC-004920) and PEFC™ (BMT-PEFC-COC-1345) certified.

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