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Spotlight / Shining the spotlight on Jamie Callan!

Jamie Callan Jamie Callan

Shining the spotlight
on Jamie Callan!

DPC & DPF Sales Director

After a short-festive break, 'Shining The Spotlight' is back. We are kick-starting 2024 in celebratory style by 'Shining The Spotlight' on Decorative Panels' very own Sales Director: Jamie Callan. Joining in May of 2022, Jamie has been a vital part of all things Components and Furniture for the past 2 years.


Perhaps because of my competitive nature, I'm naturally a perfectionist. Seeing improvements and positive change, I find that very rewarding and gives me a sense of satisfaction.


Jamie joined the Decorative Panels Group in May 2022. With previous experience in management, manufacturing and furniture production, Jamie was the perfect fit to be the successor of Decorative Panels' former Sales Director, Lynn Atkinson, who retired in September 2022. Nearly 2 years on, Jamie operates as our Sales Director meaning he is central to operations in both our Components and Furniture factories.

Jamie, self-proclaims himself to be naturally a "perfectionist", using his inner-competitiveness to constantly strive to improve himself, the business and the teams around him. Due to the nature of the Sales world, and its often complex, challenging and hostile environment, Jamie uses continuous progression and positive change as a means for motivation. The rewards are paramount with Jamie highlighting how positive changes give him a sense of great satisfaction.

The constant strive for perfection, however, tends to leave very little spare time for Jamie. Jamie's precious time away from work consists of spending it with his wife and daughter. Whether that is getting stuck into a new boxset or going out on long walks with his familyr and dog: Big Dave. Jamie and his wife both love travelling and take great delight and pleasure in exploring the world!

We can't have a segment dedicated to Jamie without mentioning his love and passion for Motorsport Racing. Claiming Motorsport was certainly his first ever love (we hope your wife won't be reading, Jamie!), he had aspirations and a childhood dream of becoming a professional Racing Driver (we will let you off). While this never materialised, our very own Sales Director has competed from childhood in various categories, karts, cars and bikes, and still to this day races a motorbike in a British Championship of which he finished 3rd in 2022. Impressive stuff!

His love for Motorsports doesn't stop there. On the colder, wetter days, Jamie often disappears for the odd hour to tinker in the garage with his motorbikes or to utilise his full driving simulator. Not a bad guilty pleasure, ey?

The last 2 years have been a real privilege to have such an experienced, determined and ambitious Sales Director on board. Here's to many, many more.

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